Mommy & Me

“My 2 year old loves the Mommy & Me classes. He loves to try all the different recipes that Mrs. Kalli brings for us to make. He feels like such a “big boy” when he makes his own food and of course his favorite thing is trying all the fun creations that he gets to make! He now eats things he never would before.
Mrs. Kalli also chooses the neatest crafts for the kids to make and my son feels so proud of his art work. We always have to go home and hang it on the wall so he can see it every day. He also shows everyone that comes into our house what he has made. His favorite part of craft class is all the glitter! He loves to cover his artwork in loads of glitter no matter what we are making.
I really enjoy doing these classes with him because it lets him be creative in his own way. We get to make fun, neat foods and crafts and Kalli is the best instructor! She allows each child to be themself and helps each one to be creative in their own way, even if it means using lots and lots of glitter. I am so glad I found the mommy and me classes and plan to continue them as long as we can.”

-Brittany Nelson

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