Recurring Donations

Armed Services YMCA’s Recurring Gift Program
The Armed Services YMCA’s recurring gift program allows you to increase your annual impact footprint through smaller monthly or quarterly installments.  A recurring gift is an ongoing, specific gift amount determined by you the donor that is charged monthly or quarterly to your credit card.  You don’t have to remember to write and send a check.



Enrolling in ASYMCA’s recurring gift program is easy.  Complete the Armed Services YMCA Recurring Enrollment form and mail to:


Armed Services YMCA
7405 Alban Station Court, Ste B215
Springfield, VA  22150
ATTN:  Sharon Gleason


Or, email completed form to Sharon Gleason


Program Benefits

Spreading your support throughout the year is a convenient way to include your donations into your personal budget. Recurring giving is the most cost efficient way to deliver your support.


  • Great satisfaction. You will know you are helping the ASYMCA provide programs and services to our troops and their families.
  • Convenience. When you participate in the ASYMCA’s Recurring Gift Program, your gift will appear on your credit card. We will send you a calendar year-end tax receipt each January to help in your tax preparations, and you will not receive direct mail solicitations.
  • Flexibility. If for any reason you wish to increase, decrease, discontinue your gifts, or change the credit card being charged, just e-mail the ASYMCA Financial Development staff at Sharon Gleason or call 703-455-3986 x 116 and we will gladly accommodate you.


Sample Monthly Donations

$5 per month = $60 per year

$10 per month = $120 per year

$25 per month = $300 per year

$35 per month = $420 per year

$40 per month = $480 per year

$50 per month = $600 per year

$75 per month = $900 per year

$100 per month = $1,200 per year



Rest assured that your tax deductible donation will be used in the most effective and economical way ensuring the highest support for our service members and their families.