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If you’ve ever considered donating to support the life-improving services we offer or have previously given, today is the day we need you to step forward. Today, COVID-19 has the nation at a standstill. But tomorrow, we will still be providing vital services that our military families depend on. Every day, these families serve us. Now, let’s support them. 

Can we call on you for help? Will you please donate a gift of $25 to fund us getting back to normal? If you can help us meet our goal of raising $100,000 as demand for our services increases while our revenue drops, you will make it possible to continue to provide the services our military family needs. Every dollar helps.

Even with the temporary aid package passed by Congress, we are in tough times. Rightfully, people impacted by COVID-19 will receive help, but organizations like ours still have tough roads ahead.

Our hope is to raise enough to ensure we can stay fully functional and meet the evolving needs of our military families during this crisis. Our brave men and women still must report for duty, and it is only a matter of time before they are called to the front lines of this crisis.

Please make your most generous gift today. 


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