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The Armed Services YMCA partners closely with our Military Leaders to provide programs and services at military installations that need it most. Many of the Armed Services YMCA Department of Defense (DoD) Affiliates are located at military hospitals and provide emergency and much needed childcare for military families dealing with medical issues. We also offer youth enrichment programs like computer learning centers and youth sports. Partnering directly with our military DoD affiliates is a cost-effective, impactful way to run programs. Less overhead means we can impact as many military families as possible and help make their lives easier. The ASYMCA has partnered to help fund the Fort Lee Youth Center Youth Technology Lab.

Fort Lee is a United States Army post and headquarters of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM), U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School (QMCS), the Army Logistics Management College (ALMC) and the U.S. Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). A U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) unit, the 49th Quartermaster Group (Petroleum and Water), is stationed here.

Geraldine Ragin
Youth Center, Facility Director
Child,Youth & School Services
Fort Lee, VA 23801

The ASYMCA’s Fort Lee Youth Center Youth Technology Lab:
The Fort Lee Youth Center’s Youth Technology Lab is vital to teaching our students 21st Century skills, helping them do well in school, and preparing them for competitive jobs the workforce.
During the three years from 01 November 2009 through 19 October 2012, both Middle School and Teen (MS&T) students and School Age Services (SAS) students have shared the Youth Technology Lab (YTL); however, the two groups use the YTL at different times. Altogether, during the last three years approximately 3300 students used the YTL on a regular basis.

All students who visit the YTL learn basic computer skills and knowledge, as documented by completing the Basic Computer Skills Test designed by the Army. Also, students who visit the YTL regularly complete the Internet Safety Test. In addition to these two tests, students age 13 and over who want to use Facebook in the YTL are required to complete Social Media Training and sign the NetSmartz Internet Safety Pledge for Middle & High School.
During after-school hours, both MS&T students and SAS students are offered a variety of daily lessons in the YTL. The lessons are:
• designed to teach them basic computer skills,
• familiarize them with Microsoft Office software and tools,
• help them gain experience with the installed programs (which range from academically-oriented programs to games), and
• provide them with a creative and fun outlet.
Students of all ages use the installed Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher)—together with the Encarta Encyclopedia—to research topics, complete homework, and create special projects. Some recent projects completed by MS&T students in the YTL were creating brochures with a patriotic theme and writing scripts for a mock presidential debate.
MS&T students also use the academic programs installed on the computers to learn to type (with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing), practice foreign language (with Middle School Advantage’s Byki 4 Express—which includes audio and flashcards in French, Spanish, German, and Italian), study math (from Pre-Algebra to Geometry with Middle School Advantage), and work on Language Arts (from grammar to vocabulary).
Students of all ages enjoy the installed games. Favorite games include: Backyard Baseball, Flight Simulator, and RollerCoaster Tycoon. Younger students also enjoy Cluefinders, Thinkin’ Things, and Magic School Bus.

Activities and lesson plans in the digital arts are very popular in the YTL. Favorite artistic activities include creating drawings with MS Paint, creating books with Storybook Weaver, creating greeting cards and calendars with Hallmark Card Studio, and creating animation with MS PowerPoint and/or Anime Studio Pro. Lessons, equipment, and software are also available for students who are interested in digital photography, digital movie-making, and/or website design. Adobe Photoshop Elements allows students to edit photographs and create collages or scrapbook pages.
Staff members also use the YTL, Internet, and color printer to research Lesson Plans, write Lesson Plans, create monthly calendars, and create banners for classrooms. In addition, staff members use the YTL for Army training.

Students from First Grade through High School who use the YTL regularly become proficient in their computer skills and are able to teach other students, thereby learning to “use their words,” gain social skills, and acquire self-confidence. The YTL is a favorite choice among school-aged students, and most afternoons the lab is full!

ASYMCA Technology Camps:

During the summer months, students have the time and opportunity to engage in half-day, week-long summer camps. MS&T students have enjoyed summer camps using the CYSTekWare Lessons in Robotics and Animation. SAS students have participated in locally-created camp programs in Computer Art, Flight Simulator, Photography, and a series of Back-in-Time Camps—including Castle Times, In the Days of Tall Ships, Civil War, and If You Lived 100 Years Ago. All summer camps use the computers for content, instruction, products, and play. In addition, each camp includes a field trip to a local site, such as the Science Museum of Virginia, the Virginia Aviation Museum, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Historic Jamestown, Agecroft Hall, Maymont, and Pamplin Park. These summer camps are both fun activities and enriching experiences.