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Spring Cleaning

Posted by Sara Orellana Paape on Apr 12, 2021 11:24:53 AM

Spring is upon us in Southern Oklahoma, and from the early start and warmer temperatures, it promises to be a beautiful spring leading into a gloriously hot summer. The warm afternoons are making it hard to stay inside. In our home, every change of season makes us deep clean. The change in temperature seems like the perfect time to clean out closets, straighten the garage up, and prep the yard. 

This year, we are preparing for summer in our new home. For the first time ever, my husband and I have copious amounts of yard work, landscaping to plan, and a pool to set up. As much as I love the outdoors and swimming, the thought of the backbreaking work awaiting me has placed a damper on my spirits. I know I will appreciate the hard work as I lounge in the pool and admire the flowers. 

Oklahoma is unique. While we live in the city, I have had to learn to deal with all types of critters in my home. One summer afternoon, I was enjoying a movie with my daughter and dogs. Raffy, our lab, got up to grab a toy, and came back with a snake hanging from his lip. A baby garden snake somehow got into our home and took refuge in the dog toys. That same year, a tarantula invaded my daughter’s room, and baby birds entered our home. It was not a fun summer, and I shudder to remember it, but I did learn some key lessons about life in Oklahoma.

A great way to prevent unwanted critters is to make sure the areas around your home are as clean and clear as possible. Oklahoma critters love places to hide, by making sure you have a few feet around your home, especially the entryways, that are clear, well swept, and free of clutter will deter them from thinking about entering your home. Another great trick is to keep your grass mowed weekly, allowing you to quickly scan your yard for unwanted visitors. 

I always laugh when I tell my friends in other states the critters we deal with on a daily basis. They cannot believe it, for me it has become second nature. Shaking shoes out before putting them on has kept me free from scorpion bites. Blocking holes, fixing screens, and yearly updates to window calking has ensured mice don’t visit. Learning to accept we live on the edge of the frontier; the great prairies of our country will help to ease your mind about unwanted critters. 

Spring in Oklahoma is definitely unique, but also a great deal of fun. I hope each of you has a great spring.