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Operation Camp: MyBaseGuide is helping send
military kids to camp

Help create lifetime memories for a military child

  • $500 donation = one week of camp
  • The goal: raise $10,000 so MyBaseGuide users can create a lifetime of memories for 20 military children. MyBaseGuide and their employees will match the first $5,000 raised.
  • As an example, funds could support military kids from Fort Campbell to attend camp at YMCA of Middle Tennessee’s Camp Widjiwagan.

Going to camp is a rite of passage for many children — and military children in particular benefit greatly from the experience. Military children often experience multiple moves and as a result, it can difficult for military children to establish a sense of place and stability because of frequent moves, which limit their ability to sustain relationships with peers, teachers and extended family. In addition to stress created by frequent moves, military children feel the stress of family separation due to deployment and training cycles.

Armed Services YMCA’s core programs like Operation Camp provide social, recreational and educational enrichment for military children and families. Armed Services YMCA sponsored resident camp enables military children the opportunity to create enduring friendships and support which will sustain them throughout their journey as a military child. Memories of campfires, canoeing, comradery, and an increased sense of responsibility have diminished any lingering anxiety and stress. Armed Services YMCA camping opportunities, offered at minimal cost to military families, not only help the military child flourish but their family as well.

A gift of $500 supports one week of resident camp for a military child.

MyBaseGuide can support military children through Operation Camp by providing support to Armed Services YMCA to fund Operation Camp. For each $10,000 raised, MyBaseGuide will support 20 military children to attend resident camp.