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Operation Kid Comfort

Helping Military Children Cope

Operation Kid Comfort (2)-1Operation Kid Comfort provides quilts and pillows to military children of deployed active duty service men and women. Volunteers lovingly create hand-crafted, custom photo-transfer quilts and pillows to help children cope with the stress and sadness that comes with being separated from a parent during deployment. 

Program Overview

Operation Kid Comfort is offered to children of active duty service members. Children ages 6 and under receive a quilt; Children ages 7 and older receive a pillow. The initiative is not available in all locations. Typically the quilts and pillows are free; however, in some cases, there may be a fee.


“My sister came home from the hurricane evacuation to find a beautiful quilt. It had her in tears to come home to such comfort.  My nephew has had a very difficult time during his father’s deployment and none of the experts on base could help. My sister was told he was too young to know that his father was gone, but we all know that isn’t true. The letter saying it is okay to cry and miss him really helped both of them. This good work means the world to the people you are helping. Thank you.” – military family member

"I contacted Operation Kid Comfort before my husband deployed looking for things to comfort our 3-year-old daughter.  When the quilt arrived, I was in tears. I cannot tell you how wonderful this quilt is. My daughter has not let it out of her sight. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I want you all to know the difference you have made in our lives with this quilt. We are smiling ear to ear!" military spouse


Not all branches participate in Operation Kid Comfort. Find your local branch to see if this service is available.


opkidcomfort1The Armed Services YMCA is committed to expanding this volunteer-led initiative. For just $100, help us invest in the emotional health and well-being of a military child. Donate now.

We need more volunteers! To volunteer to make Operation Kid Comfort quilts and pillows, click here.