Fallen Heroes Flag Memorial

The ASYMCA presents its Fallen Heroes Flag Memorial three times a year on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and September 11th. During each Flag Memorial ASY staff members and volunteers display nearly one hundred American flags at the local park on base for the day. The flags are flown in memory of those Marines and Sailors from Twentynine Palms who have given their lives during the Global War on Terror, as well as those who were lost during the 9/11 attacks in New York, the Pentagon, or Pennsylvania preceding the War. During one of these memorials we were very fortunate to have two Navy Chaplains join us and offer a few words to those who were present. One Chaplain gave everyone the opportunity to speak allowed the names of those they knew who were no longer with us. Many spoke of  friends who were in New York, or  mentioned acquaintances they had heard hadn’t return from Iraq or Afghanistan. Almost every knew of at least the friend of friends who had been affected by the attacks in some way, but Marine spoke through tears of those he personally knew. The names he mentioned were recognized by all present as those who did not return home with their Unit on their last deployment. Seeing over a hundred American Flags flying in the breeze is a spectacular sight, but hearing the names of those they fly for by a Marine who lost his brother in arms, is the most humbling of experiences.

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