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Armed Services YMCA Camp Pendleton

The Armed Services YMCA of Camp Pendleton provides a wide array of programs to support military families and children to allow them to survive the stresses of military life and thrive

We provide hands-on, innovative, specialized programs and support services to military service members and their families with a particular focus on junior-enlisted men and women — the individuals on the front lines of defending our nation. Programs are offered at no or low cost and require no dues or membership fees.

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Op Hero

Operation Hero

Operation Hero is a free program that meets twice weekly for 2.5 hours during a ten week period. In Operation Hero a small group of eight children learn to work as a team. The Operation Hero Facilitator leads the children in group discussions about who they are and how they fit in at home and school. They discuss how to manage feelings and friendships as well as practice conflict resolution skills.
The focus of the program is on personal responsibility, enabling the children to find success in their school and home lives. Operation Hero facilitates a positive environment, encourages responsible behavior and provides the support the children need to get back on track in school. In the end, the students find there are “heroes” inside each of them.

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Operation Kid Comfort

Operation Kid Comfort provides quilts to children of deployed service members within six months before or after a deployment.  Working with a group of quilters, families can request a quilt be made for their child. 

The family provides photos of the deployed family member that are copied onto fabric and sent to the quilters.  The quilters use their materials and incorporate the photos into the quilt.   

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OP Lil l 2

Operation Kid Comfort

Operation Kid Comfort provides quilts to children of deployed service members within six months before or after a deployment.  Working with a group of quilters, families can request a quilt be made for their child. 

The family provides photos of the deployed family member that are copied onto fabric and sent to the quilters.  The quilters use their materials and incorporate the photos into the quilt.   

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Operation Little Learners           

Formerly known as Mommy and Me Preschool                 

A parent and child interactive class.

A parent and child class that meets twice a week for one hour. Emphasis on Kindergarten readiness, socialization, and positive parent/child interactions. Low cost field trips, holidays parties, and additional activities such as Kids in the Kitchen, and Daddy and Me, offered monthly.

Located in four centers on base and one off base (Oceanside), this program serves children 18 months to 5 years of age. The cost is $45-$55 per month. 

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Fisher Children's Center

Fisher Children's Center offers hourly care for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. Fisher's hourly care is for parents who volunteer, have appointments, or other scheduled obligations. Reservations for Fisher are available up to one week in advance. The center also offers part day programs for children 2-5 years old.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0700-1500

Address: Building 160101 11th Street, Camp Pendleton, CA 92055 (the corner of Vandegrift and 11th on Main Side)

Please contact the Fisher Children's Center for additional information at (760) 725-0845.

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Hospital Child Watch

This program provides a drop off child watch for military families at the Camp Pendleton's Naval Hospital. Utilizing Austin's Play Room on the second floor, we provide child watch for families who have medical appointments. Adults may leave their children to be watched while attending their adult appointment. Availability is first-come, first-served.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 0800-1530, Friday 0800-1400; closed for lunch 1200-1300.

For additional information please contact Child Watch at (760) 719-3706.



Temporary Emergency Assistance Program

This program focuses on junior enlisted families (Corporal E-4 and below with children) for short term emergency financial support with food and gas gift cards to respond to short-term emergency situations.

This support is normally provided for two months and is designed to allow a military family to overcome stress and get back on their feet. Families must be referred by base advocacy organizations or their unit. 

Project Liberty Call

This program receives and distributes tickets and other special event opportunities that are provided by the community throughout the year to all active military and military families, as available. Ticket distributions are announced on the Armed Services YMCA Facebook.

For information about ticket availability, "LIKE" the Camp Pendleton Armed Services YMCA Facebook page.

Summer Camp  

OP Lil L

Summer Day Camps

Each summer the Armed Services YMCA works to provide day camp activities to military children at Camp Pendleton by offering week-long day camps from local community YMCA's and other community organizations. 

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Summer Fun Preschool

We continue the preschool program into the summer with a six-week summer segment for preschool age children 18 months to 5 years.

Each of the six sites selects a theme (insects, Native Americans, oceans, or dinosaurs) for the class to focus on.

The program is seven weeks long, starting in June 2018.

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Camp Flashh

Father Daughter

Camp Flashhh

Each Summer, our branch supports the Marine Corps' Exceptional Family Members Program and special needs children at Camp Pendleton with Camp Flashhh (Families Laughing and Sharing Hugs, Hope, and Happiness).

Camp Flashhh provides field trip opportunities for the families from June through August.

Please contact your EFMP case worker for further information.

Father Daughter Dance

Hosted each spring and open to all daughters and their fathers on base, however with some fathers deployed, other family members may escort attendees to the dance. Dinner, dancing, family photos, and raffle drawings make this evening complete.

The next dance will be April, 2019.


Mother Son

Mother Son Dance

In late October, the Armed Services YMCA holds its annual Mother Son Dance.

Since the dance is close to Halloween, the event includes a costume contest, dinner, dancing, family photos and prize drawings to make the evening complete.



Ball Gown Giveaway

Each September the Armed Services YMCA holds an annual Ball Gown Giveaway to provide evening gowns and accessories for the ladies to attend the Navy and Marine Corps Birthday Balls. We provide suits, shoes and accessories for male spouses, as well.

Following the event, the remaining gowns and accessories are shared with Twenty-nine Palms, Miramar, MCRD San Diego, and Yuma for their separate events. 

The Ball Gown Giveaway was held on 29 September 2017 and serviced 661 Active Duty and Active Duty Spouses!

We currently collecting gowns for fall 2018.



Secret Santa

This Christmas program matches San Diego County businesses, civic organizations and community members with junior enlisted families needing help during the holiday season. Secret Santa provides the community with an unique opportunity to personally give back to Camp Pendleton's military families. We are grateful to our community sponsors providing toys and bicycles in order to make our family's Christmas possible.

Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop differs from the Secret Santa in that it is open to all ranks who need a little extra help and support during the holidays, however families must be referred.

Families are identified to the Armed Services YMCA by Camp Pendleton family advocacy organizations (hospital case workers, MCCS counselors, New Parent Support Program, EMFP program, and Family Readiness Officers).

If you wish to donate toys, please contact us for a list of most-sought-after toys for 2018.

Concrete Beach

School of Infantry Recreation Center

The Armed Services YMCA recreation center consists of 2-buildings with television rooms, large electronic gaming rooms with game consoles, a kitchen, outdoor patio area with televisions, 30 computers, large screen televisions, and table games. Open only on the weekends, it provides a facility for students to relax and recharge.

If you wish to volunteer at the Recreation Center, please complete a volunteer application.

Concrete Beach

The Armed Services YMCA conducts weekly Concrete Beach barbecues for students in the Infantry Training Battalion and Marine Combat Training Battalion. This program increases student and instructor morale, provides a relaxing lunch, and for the instructors, allows some "down time" from their students.

If you wish to volunteer at Concrete Beach, please complete a volunteer application.